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Impact and Influence: Why Lawyers are Vlogging

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Over the years there has been a swathe of aspiring lawyers taking to YouTube and social media platforms to show their followers what it is really like to work in a law firm.

Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels

Not only lawyers but university students vlogging or creating a studytube for their audience to follow. Something as simple as watching the content creator make a cup of coffee or vlogging their commute captivates thousands of people as well as sharing their personal experiences of working in the law and how they got there.

Creating content and engaging with followers requires impact and influence skills which encompass communication and persuasion skills. Key skills that lawyers need to be get their foot in the door and keep working their way up.

Eve Cornwell, a magic circle lawyer and a champion for diversity and inclusion with over 300,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel creates videos for a younger audience and is open and honest about her life in the law. Her audience have followed her from her study days to working as a trainee to now as a qualified lawyer.

Liam Porritt is a London trainee and has over 100,000 subscribers, he shares tips of excelling at study notes and gives honest insight into his life as a trainee.

There are many other micro-influencers that are taking to social media to share their experiences and we are starting to see this trend shaping the way in which lawyers develop their impact and influence skills as most initiatives and events have been moved online since the pandemic.

The ability to influence has always been an important skill but being able to demonstrate influencing skills is becoming a pre-requisite for many law firms as well as providing them with marketing and encouraging aspiring lawyers to apply to their firm.

With this mind, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has strict rules regarding conflicts and confidentiality so influencers have to bear this mind when considering where their influencing careers can take them.


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