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How to Move Abroad as a Digital Nomad

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Some people feel that it's too difficult to make the leap and move abroad so here are my top tips.

Living the expat life has become easier as digital nomads are on the increase and people search for adventure or a different lifestyle altogether.

What is a digital nomad?

This is the term used to describe someone that relies on technology to do their job. The advantage to this, is that you can work anywhere as long as you have the equipment you need and internet to do the job.

How do you become a digital nomad?

1. Join a digital nomad community.

There are lots of people who are doing this who can share ideas on where to go and how to travel whilst working online. They will have been in your situation before and will be like minded so it's a great way to make connections with other people doing the same thing. You can find these online, and there are more popping up now as remote work becomes more common.

2. Find a remote job

The most common way is to freelance however, that doesn't guarantee a constant stream of work so you could also do a freelance side hustle such as photography, or online teaching to give you that boost of income. Choose something you enjoy and figure out your talents. you can join an agency that finds you freelance work or advertise your services on a freelance website such as Upwork.

You should also know what your tax position would be if you worked remotely abroad, but it's best to get advice from a tax advisor on this to avoid any pitfalls.

3. Figure out which environment you want to live in

Think about whether you like quiet, isolated places or perhaps busy and buzzing with people and opportunities. Research where you want to live, the currency, language, culture. internet speed and coverage, cost of living and if there are other digital nomads there you could connect with.

And more importantly, research whether you will need a visa to live there. Every country has different rules on working or spending long periods of time so check what the eligibility requirements and the costs for applying for a visa.

4. Insurance

Getting insurance coverage for your medical needs is really important especially if you are travelling to a place where you would only feel comfortable seeing a private doctor and to avoid getting unexpected bills.


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