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Avoiding Burn Out

As the winter months creep up on us, being stuck inside can mean that we spend more time indoors glued to our screens which can lead to burn out.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Lawyers and law students can suffer from burn out and knowing how to avoid this helps to be happier and more productive. We are already seeing a culture change with the Great Resignation as people discover new and better ways of working to improve their working environment and mental health.

As someone who is a full time remote worker, I have for the last 2 years learnt to incorporate daily habits which help me to avoid burn out.

Working as a lawyer can be very demanding and some people find it difficult to work from home because they may not have a dedicated work space or find it very isolating.

Having a routine

Doing the same thing everyday might sound monotonous however, once it becomes second nature it stops you from feeling a lack of motivation. Waking up to coffee and spending that time to reflect in the morning is meditative, it clears my mind so I am ready to start my working day. Days are not always structured because it depends on the type of sector and law firm you work in for example, so the day to day can differ making it even more important to have the beginning of my work day structured and consistent.


As a remote worker I work in different locations and people often ask how I adjust to this to which I say that my dedicated workspace always has the same items wherever I am. That includes my laptop, diary and other documents this means that my workspace is always familiar and puts my mind into work mode so no matter what my surroundings I can always focus if I have the things I need to do my work.

Working hours

As someone who works on a flexible working pattern, I don't have set working hours however, shutting down at the end of each day at the same time is something that I do practice. It's not really about how many hours you are sitting at your screen it's more about delivering results. But as a rule keeping to the same time each day to log off also signals to your colleagues your working pattern when remote as not being visible means using all the tools and communicating is important in setting boundaries.

Mute notifications

When taking a break I really do take a break and that means muting notifications so that I don't feel the need to constantly check my laptop. If you were to check your emails every 5 mins whilst on a break that would actually be working.

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